Parent View

We know we have happy children....but what to our families say? 

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Parent Survey for the school.

The results :

 44% of families replied : 100% of respondents would recommend this school.

100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed that their child feels safe, is making progress, ensures their child is well looked after, is taught well, helps their child develop skills, there is a good standard of behaviour, and that the school responds well to their concerns.



Some of the comments from our Parents are below:

 “Excellent School… very good teacher/pupil relations”

“Parents very well informed of their child’s achievements and needs”

“Wonderful school with a fantastic pupil focus”

Qu 8 on bad behaviour: “[My child] went through a bad behaviour time and I was concerned for the teacher and other children in class. [The teaching staff] handled it very well which I very much appreciated and [my child] seems to have settled down now and enjoys school”

“It is to be expected to have a bit of disruption given the nature of the pupils that attend but I believe the school and teachers handle the situation extremely well. Well done Barndale staff!”

“Any concerns raised in the class have always been dealt with."

“The newsletters are very good.”

“Barndale is a fantastic school and would recommend it to any parent with a special needs child. Keep up the excellent work.”

“Barndale School also supports my son with life skills which will be so important to him in adult life. He accesses overnight respite during the week where they promote independence in a safe, happy environment.”

“My son has exceeded all expectations since attending this school he is doing brilliantly.”

“The level of care is well above excellent, all staff are fantastic the best special educational needs school by far.”