What I learn today, prepares me for tomorrow...our curriculum intention

Curriculum Rationale
 Intention- What we will offer….and why

The outcomes for adults with any form of disability are significantly less than those who don’t. This injustice has formed our rationale of our curriculum offer and the importance of trying to make a difference for the children that attend Barndale.

 Six per cent of adults with learning disabilities are in paid employment (March 2019)

 The employment rates for adults with disabilities are dismal. In 2018, only 51 per cent of people with disabilities were in paid employment, compared with 81 per cent of the general population.


 …children and young people with a disability – including those with a learning disability or SEN – are more likely to be bullied than those without a learning disability (Rose 2011; Fink et al. 2015 Chatzitheochari et al. 2016).


Children and young people with a disability are more likely to live in poverty than those without a disability (Emerson, 2012; PHE 2015).

..an estimated 1,200 people with a learning disability are dying avoidably each year due to a lack of good quality and timely healthcare. Furthermore, people with a learning disability still have a life expectancy that is 29.3 years lower than the general population for women, and 22.8 years lower for men.


 Our curriculum offer will be derived from the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ outcomes and delivered through the strands of the National Curriculum.