The School's most recent OFSTED Inspection was in July 2015. A summary is written below and there is also a link to the full report. Further below is a summary of the Residential Provision's most recent OFSTED Inspection. 

Barndale House School is a good and improving school. The strong leadership provided by the headteacher and senior leadership team has led to good teaching and achievement across the whole school.

Teaching...is consistently good and sometimes outstanding. ... Early years provision is good. ...The sixth form is well led.


The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding. Pupils love school and demonstrate very positive attitudes towards their learning. The school is a calm and harmonious place in which to learn. Relationships are a strength of the school and the positive , exemplary care that staff show towards the pupils underpins much of the school's work. Pupils are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.


The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. The school provides outstanding care for all its pupils. Statutory safeguarding requirements are scrupulously followed and the protection of all pupils i the major priority for all staff.


The standard of work...demonstrate that teaching is typically good and sometimes outstanding. Marking is detailed and consistent. Lessons are interesting purposeful and productive. Activities are well planned and teachers have a good understanding of each pupil's learning difficulties.
Ofsted commented;

"This residential special school is good because:

  • The children and young people enjoy their residential experience because they make friends and have fun.
  • The children and young people’s complex health needs are well managed.
  • The children and young people enjoy exceptional relationships with staff.
  • The children and young people learn a range of life skills, which helps to build their independence.
  • Safeguarding arrangements are effective.
  • The children and young people respond well to the structure and routine.
  • The children and young people’s behaviour is well managed with consistent boundaries.
  • Oversight and monitoring of the quality of care, by the independent visitor and the board of governors, are good.
  • The heads of care ensure that the children and young people’s choice is at the heart of care practice.
  • The staff receive regular supervision which helps them to feel supported."
You can access and read our full report on on the following link: