We encourage pupils to wear sweatshirts and polo shirts, which can also have the school logo on. 
Trousers, joggers, shorts and skirts should be black or grey, polo tops or shirts should be white, dark blue or light blue. School jumpers/hoodies should be dark blue. Trainers or shoes should be dark/black in colour. 
We would ask parents and carers not to send pupils in with heavily branded gear or clothing with graphics on.

Pupils are encouraged to wear sportswear for PE. Shorts, tracksuits, t-shirts and trainers are best- this could be clothing your child/young person usually wears. Swimsuits and towels are needed for swimming.
Uniform, with logos, can be ordered directly through SportsWorld in Alnwick. You can order online here: https://rugbygear.co.uk (click on school/uniform shop and select Barndale); uniform orders are collected directly from the shop.
You can also purchase plain (non logo) uniform from supermarkets in the relevant colours. 
Where possible we would ask any old uniform (no longer required) to be donated so we can provide this to others.