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About Residential

What is Barndale Residential?
At Barndale House School we are very fortunate to have our residential provision, enabling us to provide an extended curriculum which goes beyond the school day. We refer to this as the 24 hour curriculum.  We believe that an extended 24 hour curriculum is crucial to the learning and development of our children and young people and that our Residential provision plays a fundamental part in implementing this curriculum.

All aspects of a child and young person’s day are seen as learning opportunities with areas such as personal, social, behavioural and self-help skills being taught alongside the academic curriculum. 

We keep the long term perspective for our children and young people firmly in focus at Barndale House School. We are committed to preparing our pupils for adult life, from the moment they ‘STEP IN’ to our school, as they ‘STEP UP’ and discover their own talents and interests and as they ‘STEP FORWARD’ into adulthood.

Our Residential provision is open from Monday to Thursday evenings during school term time. With pupils attending in age/ability groups linked to our STEPS programme. 

We offer a range of residential opportunities for our pupil's that consider their individual needs, abilities, interests and dislikes. Our Residential Team work to the best of their abilities to ensure an inclusive environment for all.
Who can stay residentially? 
Many of our pupil's attend our Residential Provision, we take into account our pupil's wishes and work in the best interests of them. Therefore, our Residential provision is open to pupils over seven years old. 
We have a 'Transition to Residential' programme to prepare our young people prior to their first overnight stay.
We slowly introduce the young person to our residential setting by giving them guided tours. Our residential staff work alongside our young people throughout school, this ensures the young people build positive relationships with staff prior to their stay. Arrangements will then be made and agreed for the young person to visit Barndale Residential Provision for an extended tea stay. This is an opportunity for the young person to meet more of our residential care staff team and become familiar with the residential setting. 
Every young person will be allocated a Residential Key Worker prior to their stay, the Key Worker will ensure that:
- Every young person feels safe and secure during their stay. 
- Encourage the development of the young person's independence and social interaction through planned and organised leisure activities in the local community.  
- To monitor and assess the young person's progress through the implementation of individual learning plan targets.
- To work with all young people and support them in meeting a whole range of social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs in a way that promotes dignity, choice and independence.
What does the Residential Provision look like?