In order to protect our whole school community, it is vitally important that if anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid19, your child does not come in to school. Thank you. Visit our Coronavirus section for a helpful "what to do" guide, Polish translation and other useful information. Latest Risk Assessment also uploaded.

Quality Assurance

Arrangements for contact
All young people have free access to a telephone to contact their parents, carers and family members during their stay.
Representation and Complaints

Barndale Residential Provision has a complaints procedure that is readily available to all children and young person residing within the residential provision, this is also available in a simplified pictorial format. 

Children and young people are actively encouraged to voice and share any concerns with whom they feel comfortable with. Complaints can be made to any of our Residential Care Staff Team and our school governors.

The complaints procedure is also available to anyone who wishes to make a complaint.

If you wish to make a complaint, please refer to the Residential Young People's Handbook.


Independent Visits

Standard 20 of the National Minimum Standards for Residential Special Schools stipulates that Barndale House Residential Provision arrange for a representative.

This representative, who is independent of the management of the school, visits the Residential Provision six times, spread evenly over the course of the academic year and complete a written report regarding the conduct of the Residential Provision.

Written reports of all monitoring visits are provided to the head teacher and presented to the governing body.

All independent visits are unannounced.

Residential Governors Visits

Barndale's Residential Link Governor has a responsibility to visit the residential provision on a regular basis. The aim of the visits is report to the governing body on the conduct of the residential provision. The main focus will be the safety, wellbeing and development of all children, young people and staff. The Residential Link Governor will also ensure that the residential provision is delivering effective care. Adhering to the aims of the whole school, and the philosophy of the residential provision’s care practice.

Barndale's Governing Body has identified Wendy Taylor and Sue Wildsmith as the Residential Link Governors.


Our Ofsted Report
You can access and read our full report on the following link: