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Barndale House School Admissions Policy

Children and young people are referred for Special Education following assessments made by a number of professionals, as well as contributions from parents, which leads to a written legal statement of the child/young person’s Special Educational Needs.

Written referrals containing information about a child/young person’s needs would be sent to the Head Teacher by the Local Educational Authority in order for the school to consider carefully whether the child/young person’s Education Health & Social Care Plan (EHCP) can be met at Barndale School.

Families moving into the Alnwick area from another part of the country who have a child/young person with an EHCP may contact the school directly or through the Local Educational Authority at Northumberland County Hall, Morpeth.

Those children and young people who attend Barndale House School may be offered the opportunity to access the residential provision of extended days or overnight stays.

The benefits that the residential provision can offer an individual child/young person may frequently be identified at the child’s educational annual review.

The range of residential opportunities offered to the child/young person will take into account their individual needs and their ability to access the provision.
Our Admissions Policy is also available to download below as a .pdf
For those pupils travelling on NCC School Transport, this brochure is designed to answer all your questions regarding travel to and from school.  We have procedures in place for the safe transfer of medications to and from the taxi every day.