In order to protect our whole school community, it is vitally important that if anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid19, your child does not come in to school. Thank you. Visit our Coronavirus section for a helpful "what to do" guide, Polish translation and other useful information. Latest Risk Assessment also uploaded.

Consultation with Children and Young People

Children and Young People's Forum

Wherever possible, young people will be consulted and given the opportunity to make choices about the day to day running of the residential provision and their daily routines.

We ensure that we provide appropriate, adapted and individualised communication resources to enable all young people to express their views and wishes both verbally and non-verbally. We also listen to the views and wishes of parents, carers and other advocates.

We hold a Residential Forum every half term with the young people, covering a range of topics to discuss. This includes; activities, menus, redecoration and equipment the young people may feel beneficial to their development and/or learning and our Residential Provision.

Our Residential Care Staff Team will plan, in conjunction with the Head of Care and Headteacher activities for the children and young people who access the residential provision. These activities will include the children and young people’s leisure time and will take into account their likes, dislikes and interests. All children and young people are also encouraged and supported to explore new experiences; their views are paramount within the Residential Team and our Residential Forum.

The independent visitor will conduct unannounced monitoring visits and will consider how the views of young people are taken into account by the residential provision based on each individual’s personal context.