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Class 5

Summer Term 2021
Circus Skills Workshop
As part of our Can Do project we were invited to join a circus skills workshop as part of the challenge to learn something new. 
We had great fun learning a range of new skills and performing different tricks. Next time the Circus comes to town you might just get to see us in action!
Fundraising Walk 
 We were challenged to volunteer or fundraise for a charity or group in the local community as part of our Can Do project.
The class discussed different causes and decided that they wanted to work together to raise awareness of the work of the RSPCA and to raise funds for our local branch.
The boys decided to organise a sponsored walk covering 4 miles around the local area. They managed to complete the walk with a smile and so far have raised over £100 pounds in sponsorship. 
Barndale Balms 
We found out how to make scented soaps as part of our Can Do Project . We enjoyed it so much that we decided to use our Virgin money Make £5 Grow funding to set up a soap making business as part of our Hive Enterprise. We enjoy combining different oils , fragrances and ingredients to make our luxury hand made soaps.
Why not treat yourself to a bar - you won't regret it!
Drumming Workshop
We joined a virtual drumming workshop led by Tim , a professional musician. We used different containers instead of drums and made up our own rhythms and tunes. It was great fun and very , very LOUD.
Going Quackers
Mark brought some newly hatched ducklings into school and we were able to spend some time learning how to handle and care for them. By the end of the session we were all very attached to our ducklings.
Spring Term 2021
Can Do Project
Class 5 are now 'Can Doers'. We are working on a special skills development programme funded by The Leonard Cheshire Foundation. The programme has been designed to help us to stay connected and explore ways to wellbeing through fun and engaging tasks. Each week we take part in virtual activity sessions exploring a different theme such as staying active , volunteering and giving to others. 
Can Do Project - Happiness Packs
We thought about how we could give to others as part of our Can Do Project. Ann helped us to design and make Happiness Packs which we could gift to some of the special people in our lives. We included lots of things which we thought would make the recipiants smile and feel happy. We have received great feedback from the people who were lucky enough to receive the packs and hope to repeat the activity in the future to spread a little more happiness to those we care about.
Let's Count - Census Education Project
We completed a range of activites linked to the National Census to help us to understand how the information collected helps to shape our local communities and change the way we live.
Autumn Term 2020
Castaway Topic 
As part of our Castaway topic we designed our own desert island. We then made a video guide to show off all of the places that you could visit on each island .
Which Island would you choose to visit and which would you avoid?
Castaway Coordinates
We made maps using our Desert Island designs and found out how to read , write and plot coordinates . We then played a special desert island version of battleships to develop our skills.
Castaway Coding
We each took turns to develop an algorithm to direct Castaway BeeBot around a grid . We had to visit the different features in a given order. It was great fun and we all survived the challenge without falling into the Pit Of Doom. 
Ways to Wellbeing
Every Friday afternoon we enjoy different activities as part of our Ways to Wellbeing programme.
Work Related Learning -Bike Doctors
Deeann and Jack have been working with Alan to make sure that all of the bikes are in tip-top condition as part of their Work Related Learning sessions. They have been learning how to check tyre pressure , mend a puncture , adjust the seat height and oil a chain. They have worked really hard and have enjoyed learning new skills each week. 
Creative Arts
Topic : Expressing Emotions Through Art
We studied 'The Scream'  , a famous painting by the artist Edvard Munch . We talked about how the person in the painting was expressing his feelings and what may have caused him to feel this way. Then we took inspiration from Munch and created our own version of 'The Scream'. 
Can you spot the original painting in our gallery?
Work Related Learning
Working in Horticulture 
This term we will be focusing on developing our employability skills whilst working in the school grounds. We are hoping for a bumper harvest of fruit , vegetables and flowers next year and so need to make sure that we prepare the allotment garden ready for planting out our seedlings in the Spring. 
A study of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker
We are reading the story of Dracula as told through the diaries of Jonathan Harker. We made our own reference books to help us to share information about vampires - we found out lots of interesting facts.  We also translated Jonathan's diary entries into modern day texts and social media messages. We decided that we wouldn't want to swap places with Jonathan unless we had pockets full of garlic!