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Class 4

Summer 2021
Class Four have been working really hard this term. 
Our topic is : Protecting the Earth
Our Class Books: 'Clean up' and 'Greta and the Giants'
Class Four have been learning about our class books. We have been completing a range of activities based on the two books.
Greta and the Giants
We have created an egg protest to protect the earth including small signs. We have also wrote a letter and created a speech to promote people to recycle and what we could do to improve the school grounds.
Clean Up
We have been learning and expanding our knowledge through a fiction story. The story is about a young girl who travels to Jamaica to see her grandparents. While she is there, she notices that the beach is covered in rubbish. We have designed posters for the beach as well as other activities to promote people to put the rubbish in the bin.  
This term we have been focusing on measurement.
Below are a few photographs of our learning in relation to weight and length. 
We have had lots of fun completing practical activities in relation to measurement.
We particularly enjoyed predicting and measuring who was the tallest in the class! 
This term we have focused on Forces including magnets. 
Class Four have completed and investigated a range of forces.
This has included investigating the push and pull action on the swing and through a sport (Archery). 
We had a class competition to create the strongest tin foil boat to investigate buoyancy. Our task was to create a boat that withstands the most cubes before it sank.
The top score was 111 cubes, well done! 
Mark brought his ducklings for the class to see. 
We created a little obstacle course for them to use. We really enjoyed holding and watching the ducklings grow.
Class Four have loved exploring and investigating using sensory activities.
This term we have changed our hub into a dark room which we really enjoy using. 
During topic this term, we are focusing on how to protect the earth. Alongside this, we have been learning about the importance of recycling.
We have reused and created plant pots out of tins.
We are currently having a sunflower race using the tins.
Who's sunflower is going to grow the best? 
We have also been learning about the importance of trees including designing and creating some lovely art work.